How to Spot a Great Recruiter

It’s easy to be an OK recruiter. You can even be a good recruiter, if you add in a bit of work. But to become a Great Recruiter, there are some things in your career you cannot go without. To acquire the following skills, one has to immerse themselves into the world of recruitment and let it transform you.

The ability to listen

An OK recruiter takes time, to listen to their clients and deliver the service they deduct is needed from what they have heard. Although this is a fine method of collecting enough information to find a suitable candidate, there are many things that can go wrong in the process. The recruiter might decode the employer’s requirements differently, resulting in sourcing a candidate, who might be more fitting to a different position.

The ability to ask questions

The Good Recruiter not only listens to the client, but ensures that they have understood the information they were given correctly. They may ask questions back and jot down the important bits and pieces, and at the end, they will probably provide the employer a candidate, who is efficient and fits the role requirements. However, the perfect candidate will not only have to be perfect for the role you are providing, but has to be a fit in the company as well.

The ability to ask good questions

A Great Recruiter takes asking questions to the next level. They take the time to learn the ins and outs of business. They make sure to know as much about the company culture, as they can, immersing themselves in the sourcing of an employee who will fit in with your company’s core values. A Great Recruiter works hard to get the person who will be a valuable asset for years ahead.

A good emailing technique

There are recruiters, who are great at writing emails. Usually they are fast and punctual in replying to your messages, and never forget to send you a reminder email, if you have talked about a position that could be beneficial for them in the future. But somehow, whenever you try to reach them on the phone, they are busy, or just stepping out the door. But don’t worry, you’ll soon get a polite email, asking how they can be of assistance.

Being great on the phone

The good recruiter calls you up. They answer the phone almost immediately, or if they can’t they call you back. It is pleasant to talk to them and they have great negotiating skills. They have managed to fill your roles without ever meeting in person, but communicating over the combination of texts, calls and emails. You are grateful for their existence, but wonder how they look in real life.

Taking the time for face to face meetings

The Great Recruiter takes the time to hop into their car and drive to your office. They will cross cities and countries to have a meeting with you. If they work internationally, they will even get on a plane to see you for an important meeting. They do this not because they feel obliged to, but because they believe that human interaction is a vital part of successful recruitment.

Managing to stay on top of things

OK recruiters have a jam packed calendar, with their phone going off every 20 minutes. They leave the office at 6pm on a Friday, exhausted with a full week behind them. They work hard, but they fail to work smart, staying on top of their workload just barely.

Hacking time management

Good Recruiters have learnt the basics of time management. Therefore, they schedule their week ahead, but are flexible to last minute changes. They have a comfortable balance between their work and their personal life. Some may even know what the term Eisenhower Matrix is, but never really explore their full potential.

Aiming towards continuous self-improvement

The recruiter you want to work with read the newest self-improvement book that everyone is talking about. They might not agree and practice every technique, but they are always looking out for new ways to improve themselves. Their aim is to look at life as a whole, and aim to live an active and successful life all around.

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